Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Every little move she makes....

A very quick thought to share this evening:

I am so grateful for every punch and kick my little girl gives me...even if she is if she is karate chopping my va-jay-jay.

I will not get upset over the little stretch marks that I will get...even if these eliminate any future Sports Illustrated Swim Suit editions that I could have posed for.

I will not focus on the gray hairs that are showing....because I've decided not to dye my hair to keep the toxins away from my baby.

I will enjoy being the designated driver....because I am growing a beautiful child.

I will embrace and give into every craving....and then be sure to balance that box of Sour Patch Kids with a healthy salad.

I will do everything I can to bring this baby girl safely into the world. 

As a second time mother, who didn't have a great pregnancy experience with my first child, I know I have a tendency to look for the negative.  I will try my best to enjoy every moment with this pregnancy, and not wait for the floor to fall out from under me and the bad news to come.

So with every kick, cramp, stretch mark, and craving that I have, I know that all of this is happening because my little girl is growing inside me.  And that is truly the greatest feeling in the worth that outweighs anything else.

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